Red Crayon Faction

Red Crayon Faction is an in-progress series of 100 portraits. When they are all finished I will do something with them. I’m not sure exactly what form the project will take, it could be a show, could be a calendar, could be a pack of cards, could be a series of screenprints, could be just an internet project. We are currently 45/100 of the way there.

Alfred Hitchcock

Klaus Nomi

Interrobang [Dunstan Bruce, Griff, Harry Hamer]

Damo Suzuki

Jodie Foster

Sir Michael Tippett

Russell Shaw Higgs

Little Annie (Annie Anxiety)

Gee Vaucher

Penny Rimbaud

George Orwell

Serge Gainsbourg

Jeanine Deckers (The Singing Nun / Soeur Sourire)

David Bowie

Jerry Nolan

Jello Biafra

William S Burroughs

Jean Seberg

Robert Smith

Nina Antonia

Yummibean Nighters

Richard Hell

Lizzy Mercier Descloux

Mao Zedong

Buenaventura Durruti

Patrick Andreas

Belle Thackray

Richard Jobson

Malcolm McLaren

Hideki Tojo

Arthur Rimbaud

Yukio Mishima

Rosa Luxemburg

Leila Khaled

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

Ulrike Marie Meinhof

Johnny Thunders

Gudrun Ensslin

Nancy Spungen


Tsar Nicholas II, parts I and II

Eirik B√łe

Jacques Dutronc

Jean-Luc Godard