Movember you’re a womble

Month of Mo, day 13. Time flies by when I’m the driver of an East German train, raising perhaps more awareness than even two dozen online petition signatures. Men being men together, doing manly things as men and whatnot. Go on, get your walnut checked.

UPDATE: Month of mo, day 28. We might give up quite soon, our mo jo might have left the building. One thing is we think we may have peaked in terms of raising awareness, another thing is that it’s really very itchy now. Did you get your walnut checked? Please remember to get your walnut checked.

The Truth of Revolution, Brother

Ordinarily I don’t much care for crowdfunding, or for books about punque roque, but I think this one is really quite different in that it is roughly a million times more interesting than the usual sort of thing and, not least, the people behind it are very lovely indeed. So, you know, if you are interested in objects of rare beauty and if it piques your curiosity then please consider supporting their project. All the stuff and more can be found here


Budget labels we have known

Nice Price. Ronco. K-Tel. Penguin Classics. Day 11. Page 37. Although if you discount the pictures and take into account that it starts on page 3 then in real terms it’s page 28. I don’t know what I was thinking. I think I thought it would at least be an interesting read. It isn’t. I’m giving up and moving on and choosing life.

Anyone can join the spectacle

«A financier can be a singer, a lawyer a police spy, a baker can parade his literary tastes, an actor can be president, a chef can philosophise on cookery techniques as if they were landmarks in universal history. Anyone can join the spectacle, in order publicly to adopt, or sometimes secretly practise, an entirely different activity from whatever specialism first made their name. Where ‘media status’ has acquired infinitely more importance than the value of anything one might actually be capable of doing, it is normal for this status to be readily transferable; for anyone, anywhere, to have the same right to the same kind of stardom. Most often these accelerated media particles pursue their own careers in the glow of statutorily guaranteed admiration. But it sometimes happens that the transition to the media provides the cover for several different enterprises, officially independent but in fact secretly linked by various ad hoc networks. With the result that occasionally the social division of labour, along with the readily forseeable unity of its application, reappears in quite new forms: for example, one can now publish a novel in order to arrange an assassination. Such picturesque examples also go to show that one should never trust someone because of their job»
— Guy Debord, Comments on the Society of the Spectacle, 1988

Postcards from the bleeding edge

Ten A6 (148x105mm) postcards on 325gsm Revive uncoated board in a red and white candystripe bag. The Red Crayon Faction postcard set includes portraits of Jean SebergMalcolm McLarenGeorge OrwellUlrike MeinhofLeila KhaledPenny Rimbaud and Johnny Thunders as well as a “group shot” and two bonus cards: We’re Getting There + Fine Dining in the Liberal-Fascist Complex. You can take a closer look at the cards here

And 10% from every sale goes directly to the Dial House Foundation, a centre for the radical arts. The cards are £4.50 (+p&p) a bag. Take your desires for reality here

Eric Is Awake — Dom Shaw

George Orwell is alive and well and living on benefits. The debut novel by Dom Shaw — Eric Is Awake — is out on Kindle on 25 June (Orwell’s 110th birthday) and in print from 15 July. It’s a darn good read of course with a quite lovely cover. All the skinny is here and, if you are minded, you can score a copy from Amazon in the UK or the US

Mark E Ramoney’s Blitzkrieg Experience

Coming soonish… meanwhile you can see the rough-cut Pimp My Blitzkrieg trailer here

Disclaimer: All characters and events portrayed in this big-ass, big-budget, fast-action trailer — even those based on real people — are entirely fictional, or mostly fictional or somewhat partly fictional


There’s a season of David Bowie films at the ICA from Friday 31 August to Sunday 2 September, produced and programmed by Oli Harbottle.

The Hunger, Cracked Actor, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders From Mars, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Absolute Beginners, Christiane F and Labyrinth are all screening and the special events include Alan Yentob (director, Cracked Actor) in conversation with Jeremy Deller, Woody Woodmansey (drummer, Spiders From Mars) in conversation with Tom Wilcox and a Q&A with Nic Roeg (director, The Man Who Fell To Earth).

All the info and more is here. I will definitely be going to see Absolute Beginners, and Belle is definitely going to see Labyrinth. Oh and the quad posters are being printed in metallic gold. Woo woo!